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Dear Buyer,

A few facts about our products:

  • We are certified by the U.S.D.A. as producers of NATURAL PORK AND BEEF.  In addition, we raise free-range chickens and turkeys. 
  • In accordance with our certification we have on file with the U.S.D.A. a comprehensive description of the practices used in raising animals on our farm.  Among these practices:  our animals are solely fed a mix of corn, soybean and minerals, which we grind ourselves three times a week.  NO ANTIBIOTICS ARE EVER ADDED TO FEED OR WATER.  We keep our herd healthy the old fashioned way - Good nutrition, fresh air and an un-crowded growing environment.  Our farm is located in the Hudson River Valley, hundreds of miles from any other herds.  Therefore, it is unnecessary for us to vaccinate for diseases associated with dense populations.
  • All piglets have their ears notched for identification shortly after they are born.  Records are kept for each piglet through all stages of growth and they are identified by their ear notches at the slaughterhouse where our pigs are kept segregated under federal inspection.  Pigs that will be further processed are boxed and sealed with a federal label for transport to our processor where they once again will be segregated and minimally processed under federal inspection using NO ARTIFICIAL OR SYNTHETIC INGREDIENTS and NO NITRATES OR NITRITES.
  • We sell animals whole, custom and individually cut.  We also produce artisan products such as smoked chicken legs&thighs, smoked turkey breast, and smoked beef bacon.  We have a full line of specialty products including chicken, beef, pork and buffalo sausage and pot pies in two sizes.  All our artisan and specialty products including smoked meats are produced with NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS, NO PRESERVATIVES, AND NO NITRATES OR NITRITES.  See our mail order page for further details. 

         We are also happy to discuss special orders or any special need you or your business might have.

Very truly yours,

Richard H. Van Wie

If you have any other questions about our products or business,  please feel free to contact Richard Van Wie using the form on the Questions Page of this site.



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